Alipay wallet guide: how to top up and use the bonus

Maybe you already know some things about Alipay and maybe you even paid for your purchases through this platform using your bank card. But ... do you know all the benefits you can have with your Alipay wallet? You may not have all the available discounts with the Alipay bonus yet, so we will explain all of them to you to make the most of this platform.

What is Alipay?

The Alibaba group (to which AliExpress belongs) created Alipay to make it easier for us: with this platform, they manage your payments themselves in a 100% secure way and offer us full coverage against possible fraud. Alipay keeps your money safe and sells it only when you receive your order satisfactorily.

Advantages of using Alipay Wallet

Alipay Wallet is an Alipay virtual wallet where you can save money to shop on AliExpress. One of the biggest benefits of paying your Alipay Wallet balance is that you can avoid using credit or debit cards (unless you like your card linked to AliExpress). Also, if you don't have a bank card, don't want to pay maintenance fees for a prepaid card, or your bank still charges you for AliExpress purchases, this is the perfect way to pay for your purchases. Another advantage of using the Alipay Virtual Wallet is that you can get free coupons or AliExpress top-ups during some promotions.

Top up your Alipay wallet balance

Remember that before you can use Alipay Wallet, you must set up your Alipay account to activate your balance (in this post we will explain how). Also keep in mind that you will only be able to top up your balance from AliExpress.

Minimum top-up $ 10

Recharging your balance is very easy: enter your wallet and click "Recharge", choose the amount you want to add (minimum $ 10) and finally select a recharge method (credit or debit card or bank transfer). The only way to top up, which is not immediate, is a bank transfer, which, as usual, takes several days to show up in your Alipay Wallet balance. Keep this in mind to be proactive when shopping.

Withdraw money from your balance

Don't worry if you don't know how much money to top up: the way you can add money can also help you withdraw it when you need it. No fees and no minimum amount. Just add the bank account number and account name, which must be the same as your Alipay account.