How to set the delivery address on AliExpress?

AliExpress users can add or change a shipping address at any time: immediately after registration or during the payment process.

Suppose you place an order on the AliExpress website or in a mobile application and you do not have the delivery details filled in. In this case, the system automatically redirects you to the address form.

Login to AliExpress and add a new address

To add your address in advance, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to AliExpress
  2. Go to the "Account" section.
  3. Open the "My shipping address" tab.
  4. Press the "Add a new address" button .
  5. Fill in the standard form
  6. Save changes

How to fill in the delivery address correctly?

Fill out the form carefully. If your country does not use Latin characters, use reliable transliteration services, to ensure that all information is correct and internationally comprehensible.

Fill in your name in the Contact name field, without softeners or lengths. Then select Country Slovakia. In the Street address box write your street and descriptive number. Fill in the city in the City field, in the State field fill in Slovakia, the ZIP field is for for Postal Code. Fill in the phone contact, enter the area code 421, Area code area code in the country code , type the rest of the number in the local number . And now all you have to do is confirm the settings.

If you use multiple shipping addresses , you can use Add to add another shipping address in the same way.