Free Services: Learn how to get free stuff on AliExpress

Did you know that you can only get items on AliExpress for 1 cent?

There is no catch in this before you ask. With AliExpress "Freebies" you can take part in the daily draw and get the products almost for free. Today we will explain what this whole business is about.

What are freebies?

AliExpress has created a free service to help retailers get reviews of their new products. They provide us with free items from their stores in exchange for leaving a review. This is how we all win: sellers build trust in potential buyers by having reviews on their items and sales, and we get a free gift.

Is it reliable?

Free gifts are completely reliable and we tried them and we did it ourselves: if you don't lose rhythm and get involved every day, you can win several times.

How Can You Get Freebies?

Participation is very easy, but keep in mind that you can only do this twice a day and from AliExpress. First, go to the app's homepage and click "Free" in the top bar (if you don't see it, slide the bar to the right until you see it). As you can see, there are many options to choose from and you have several categories of items (news of the day, electronics, sports, fashion and accessories ...). If you already know what you want, click on the item and click on "Apply for free".

Before confirming your request, make sure that the delivery address you added is correct, otherwise you may have trouble receiving the gift if you receive it.

And remember, you have the opportunity to request another Freebie, so don't miss it. When the Freebie application period (seven days) expires for all users, if you are lucky, you will receive a notification within approximately three days.