Would you buy a prefabricated house on AliExpress?

Today we will say something completely different and original, for everyone who loves AliExpress and its curiosities. We know that this online sales platform offers practically everything: if it exists, then on AliExpress. But one of the newest products we found on this site surprised us. These are prefabricated houses. This type of housing (including modular houses and mini-houses) has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a trendy alternative lifestyle that goes hand in hand with minimalism.

Prefabricated houses on AliExpress: how to find them

In this case, we are not talking about a cheap and affordable thing, although unlike a normal house, you will see that they are much more economical. Houses usually have different values ​​depending on the country, properties, year of construction ... However, it is very difficult to find something decent for less than $ 1,000 per square meter.

In comparison, modular prefabricated houses cost much less and cannot be resisted by AliExpress. It seems that more and more sellers are offering prefabricated houses for sale on AliExpress. You can find them using a filtered search by clicking here. Low costs are of course possible, because the house is sent completely in a demo and we will have to assemble them according to the seller's instructions. They also do not contain a structure, they are placed directly on the ground. However, some also include toilets. Many of these stores that offer homes at AliExpress are Chinese companies that sell building materials and products to Europe, the United States, Australia or Africa. Some may even customize your project by providing them with blueprints.

It is not a conventional solution for furnishing your home, but there has been a growing interest in small houses recently: TV shows, YouTube channels and even books show us the benefits of a home tailored to our tastes and needs in the middle of nature. . Although most small houses are made to measure, if you are not such a handyman (or a woman), or if you are not interested in this alternative, it can also be interesting as an inspiration when designing your own house. There are real miracles.