How to choose a reseller and avoid cheats on AliExpress?

AliExpress is a leading Chinese online marketplace, a product of China's most famous online asset Alibaba. As in all markets (online and offline), good and bad can be found at AliExpress. This article offers some tips how to get rid of scammers waiting to deceive you on ..

1. Don't pay the seller offline

AliExpress provides a payment system within the website supported by the Purchase Protection Protocol. When you see a product you like, you pay by clicking the Buy Now button on the vendor's product page.

When you pay via the Buy Now button, AliExpress will hold your payment until you confirm that the vendor has delivered the product. The supplier will gain access to your payment only if you confirm that the product has been delivered. This offers you some protection and ensures that the supplier delivers it to you product. However, a fraudster may impersonate a supplier and request payment outside of AliExpress's secure payment system. They can offer you selling the product much cheaper than if you paid through, just to entice you.

Paying for any offline vendor is risky because your payment is not protected by AliExpress, so if the seller does not is real, you lose your money.

To be on the safe side, always pay via the Buy button. If you do so, you will be covered by the buyer protection system and will receive a full refund, if the supplier does not deliver the product you ordered.

2. Communicate with the Seller via AliExpress

It is a good idea to contact the seller before paying for any product. Especially if you need some explanation regarding product features.

To contact a supplier on, simply click on the Feedback tab on any product page supplier and then click the Contact Now link in the left sidebar to leave a message. Communicate with the seller and confirm the product properties. Some vendors sell inferior imitations. For example, you can find a Galaxy S4 smartphone with a 4.7-inch display instead of the 5.0-inch.

3. Check the quality of the delivered product before confirming the product

As mentioned, AliExpress has a buyer protection system and hold your payment until you confirm delivery of the order. Only then will your payment be released to the seller.

Therefore, before confirming delivery, you must open the package and check that the delivered goods are exactly as you ordered. Because if you confirm delivery earlier, it will be harder to get your money back.

4. Be careful with products whose prices seem too low

If the price is too good to be true, then focus more on evaluating the seller's feedback and rating consumer product reviews as a price.

5. Build a relationship with suppliers

When you find a trusted supplier on AliExpress, stick to it and build long-term relationships with it. Don't look for another supplier every time you buy, unless your existing supplier sells the product you want to buy.

Each time you change suppliers, the chances of getting into the wrong hands increase. Building relationships is also good for business, because the supplier will trust you and can offer you better offers, as the relationship progresses.

Trading in any market always carries risks, but a responsible market like offers protection for both buyers and sellers. Take advantage of the protection system and you will be safe.