AliExpress solution “OOPS! Your account does not appear to have permission to view this page

If you wish, you can go directly to the official AliExpress help section by clicking this link. Sometimes we may encounter errors and bugs while browsing AliExpress. Like any webpage, it may contain outdated links or the page may be being modified to add new features. One of the messages you most often ask us about is "unauthorized account" or "OOPS! Your account does not appear to be eligible to view this page, which can occur at any time, such as when we try to access the details of one of our purchases or when we try to pay for a purchase.

When will this message appear on AliExpress?

If you have never seen this message while browsing AliExpress, you may be wondering when it will appear. It usually appears when browsing AliExpress on your computer, because we haven't seen this error in the mobile app yet. It usually occurs in the following situations:

But like any other bug, it can occur at any other time when we shop on AliExpress. What does it mean that my account is not authorized? - The solution When this message appears, it's normal that we're concerned: why isn't our account authorized? Has our AliExpress account been blocked? When this message appears, you don't have to worry as we're trying to access an AliExpress promotion that requires registration. Although our session may appear logged in on the right, this message informs us that we are not logged in or that the site has not detected a login…

Therefore, there are several ways to resolve this issue. The fastest and most effective way to solve this problem is to access AliExpress via a mobile application, where we have never encountered this problem before. If this is not possible, we will need to follow the steps below. We'll start by checking to see if we've signed in with our account, and if we did, we'll end and re-enter our information. We'll then need to go to the section we're trying to check manually, without reloading the error page. If all this doesn't work, the next step would be to clear our browser's cookies and cache and try another browser. It looks like a classic answer, but these errors occur many times when there is too much information from these two pages stored on our computer. If all this doesn't work and we urgently need to get to this section of AliExpress, we can try it with another device (if we are on a computer, try from the mobile application and vice versa). As you can see, it is a mistake that will give us work, and it is possible that many of you have tried it all and the error is still unresolved. In this case, and if it's not too urgent, we recommend that you wait a few hours, as errors or internal problems may sometimes occur on the site. This is something common, especially when it comes to sales like 11.11, where millions of users are trying to access the platform and servers are crashing, which eases additional issues and bugs on the site.