Reliable tricks to distinguish originals from replicas on AliExpress

As you may have noticed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find replicas on AliExpress due to the restrictive measures that this market has been in place for several years. Nevertheless, China is still a haven for counterfeits, and many vendors try to pass things off as originals, even if they are not. Therefore, we will give you a series of tips to make sure you are buying something original.

Choose reliable stores

Always choose stores with good reviews from buyers that provide photos, their experiences and that also have a long history of backing them up. How do I know if a business is trustworthy? It's very simple: just visit the store's homepage and look up for a summary of everything we've said. In addition, many of these stores are labeled "Top Brand".

What does the "Top Brand" mean for the store?

Only the best stores and stores verified by AliExpress have this symbol of excellence, which they have earned for their good ratings. In these stores, you can be sure that you are buying directly from the brand or from an authorized distributor. In short, by shopping at these stores, you can be sure that the product you get is 100% original.

How to distinguish a replica

These are usually sold at a very low price in stores that are established shortly (less than a year or even months) and also have a low rating. As soon as AliExpress detects fraud, it immediately closes the deal and punishes the seller. In addition, many of these stores are recognizable because their name is "Store" or "Store" plus a numeric code.

I'm not sure if my order is original

There are many types of replicas, from the poorest (which mimics the product very poorly) to the so-called "original quality" (very difficult to recognize at first glance). In the case of clothing or accessories, one of the reasons is a suspicion of the quality of the material and the surface finish of the garment. Poor clothing with lots of loose thread and traces of glue can be a sign that the product is not original. On the other hand, for electronic products such as mobile phones, you should check that the technical specifications really correspond to what you received (camera megapixels, internal memory, operating system, device smoothness, ...).