Canceled order and refund procedure

You have ordered goods from Aliexpress, but the order has been canceled by the seller. Problems can occur when the turnover is large with shipment. Sometimes AliExpress does not deliver products to its recipients. There are many possible reasons why products do not deliver. In this article, we will discuss the cancellation of a shipment and what can be done in this case.

What does AliExpress "Shipment Canceled" status mean?

Let's look at what this condition means first. The work of Chinese dealers is based on the following system:

  • They will first assign a tracking number to each shipment (small package or parcel).
  • The order is then ready to ship and will receive a "Pending shipment" status.
  • The courier service picks up orders from the warehouse.

The third step ...

Problems may occur in the third step when the package is not shipped. In this case, the tracking number becomes invalid and the customer will see the status "Shipment canceled" in the personal account in the "My orders" section (Shipment canceled).

Sometimes the seller intentionally cancels the shipment for technical reasons - inaccuracy of delivery documents, inability to comply with delivery conditions etc. There is no doubt that in any case it is the seller's fault and in 99% of cases you can count on a refund.

What to do if a shipment to AliExpress is canceled?

What to write to the seller?

Don't panic and act. The first and most sensible way is to contact the seller.

Describe your issue and attach a screenshot so the seller understands what product you're talking about. Average response time is one week. If the terms of the buyer's protection do not end, wait for the seller's response. They can assign new tracking to the product number, send the product again or offer a refund.

You should open a dispute if the seller does not respond to your message or refuses to return the money (but this is very rare).

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