FIIDO D11: We tested one of the best electric bikes. This really pays off!

FIIDO D11 is the newest and at the same time the most advanced bicycle from the manufacturer's portfolio. We had the opportunity to test it a week before the official launch of the sale.

You may not know FIIDO and it is no wonder. It is a relatively young society, which is gradually entering Europe. We also wrote about FIIDO a few times at TECHBYTE. We had the honor to test their latest folding bike, FIIDO D11, a week in advance. We found out if he could become the best friend of the city relocator (or relocators).

FIIDO D11: Specification

FIIDO D11: Design and function

The FIIDO D11 will be delivered to you by a courier in a fairly compact box, which immediately indicates that you will receive it before the first test. have to put together. It is, after all, a jigsaw puzzle, so it should not surprise you at all. The good news is, that the whole process of folding will not take you more than 15 - 20 minutes (if you are alone). It's a really simple process, which you can handle the left back. The tools you will need are included in the package (except for the knife / scissors).

All you have to do is unpack the bike, cut the straps that hold the foam in place protect the structure from scratches, snap the folding mechanism and mount the pedals. Then just until you insert the battery, which is also the seat, you connect it and you are ready.

The battery is powered by an Xiongda electric motor (360v, 250 W). You can charge the bike folded or you can only take home a saddle that you charge with the port located just below it.

FIIDO's approach to offering a removable battery is interesting and truly innovative in many ways. However, he has and their flies. You can't, for example, lock your bike anywhere and just leave. Someone with unfair thoughts can come, take your battery with the saddle and leave. Then you only have a construction with wheels. Maybe for It cost bicycle insurance, but we are not sure if this is possible with this model. If you know more about it, give let us know in the comments.

FIIDO D11: How much does it cost?

Price: € 781.19 | Coupon: GKB517S | Shipping: Free (EU)

When you assemble the FIIDO D11, it is a handy and impressively strong machine that has no problem transporting even stronger people. I weigh about 90 kg and the electric bike had no problem with me. Its blue color is inconspicuous, but at the same time pleasantly modern. However, what I missed not only in terms of design, but also in terms of functionality, were the fenders.

When I picked up the box from the courier, I thought it was surprisingly light. That was finally confirmed when I was he put the whole bike together. It weighs only 12.9 kilograms, which makes it one of the lightest electric bikes I've ever seen. when he tried. Of course, its 20-inch wheels help. He is a really clever and agile companion for traveling across any city.

Every "puzzle" should depend on the folding system. With the FIIDO D11, it's really easy. Just allow 2 clamps and a bicycle almost miraculously work into a small ball measuring 80 cm x 74 cm x 40 cm, which makes it playful you can also carry the trunks of a smaller car. Fully distributed measures 148 cm x 110 cm x 40 cm.

However, I did not have to secure the bicycle in the folded state. If you catch him incorrectly, he will get the impression that you want him reassemble. However, you will very quickly find a way to catch it correctly, which is enough for a short manipulation.

FIIDO D11 can carry a large range of different people. I mentioned that he doesn't have a problem with me either (90 kg, 184 cm). However, you can quickly adjust the quick-adjustable saddle to the lower people also rode their bikes well.

There is a display on the handlebars that shows the current speed (in km / h), distance traveled, status battery and the currently selected mode. You have a choice of three modes, which differ in how much the electric motor helps you when driving.

On the right you will find levers that you can use to control the gears. However, one of them is in a place that is not properly seen. So you switch to the wrong speed a few times, but then you get used to it and the whole process will be intuitive.

Next to the derailleur there is another control element - a lever for activating the electric motor. It is especially useful when you find yourself in front of a hill and need extra power.

Of course, there are also disc brakes, to which I have one small comment. Ever since I got my first bike I have was taught that the rear brake is operated by the right lever, the front by the left. Here, on the contrary, what I realized after I almost flew over the handlebars. One thing is for sure, I know from that moment that the brakes on the FIIDO D11 work perfectly. No reservations.

The seven-speed Shimano Tourney system located on the rear wheel offers a ratio of 52:12, which offers you enough freedom for comfortable travel on a straight line or uphill.

As part of the testing, I took the FIIDO D11 on a city tour, which included not only paved roads, but also "Off road" driving across the field. It was nothing extreme, but it was enough for me to understand that the D11 is not designed for such a ride.

He can certainly do it, but it was impossible to talk about comfort. The electric bike lacks suspension (any) and even smaller tires do not add comfort. But as I said, you don't have to worry about gravel paths or grass.

FIIDO D11: Performance

FIIDO D11 is an excellent bicycle in the city. On roads without bruises, it is a convenient tool for moving out of place instead of. The seat will not engrave a new hole in your body and thanks to the 250 W motor you won't do much. You won't break speed records, but that's not the point. You can playfully run at 25 km / h, which is enough for safe travel.

However, make sure that you check the bicycle properly and, if necessary, tighten the screws that come loose during transport. could release. Feel free to do it again after a week, to be absolutely sure.

When driving through the city, sooner or later you will come across a slight climb, where the true meaning of the electric bicycle is shown. Thanks to the cadence sensor, the FIIDO D11 can detect exactly when to activate the electric motor and help you with the transfer. When driving, you will feel a slight "jerk" and the subsequent finding that you move faster at less effort.

The manual engine start lever is useful again if you stop on a hill and want to start. Thank you for that, especially your feet and you will reach the finish line without sweating even a bit.

FIIDO claims that the battery in the D11 is capable of driving a bicycle up to 100 kilometers. However, you do not necessarily have to travel like this to reach. It depends on the terrain, the chosen power mode, your weight, temperature and so on. I put him in I never pushed a full discharge, but I always managed to go more than 50 kilometers on one charge. That's it urban wading is definitely enough.

FIIDO D11 made a very pleasant impression on me. From a design point of view, it is clear that this is not a bike to the forest or on meadows. It's a bike to town for people who need to get to or from work without they got sweaty and don't want to travel by car, scooter or public transport.

Its folding ability of the bike makes it a perfect choice for holidaymakers. Just wrap it up suitcases, set off and at the place of vacation you have the perfect "cart" for sightseeing routes.

FIIDO D11: Verdict

The market for electric bicycles is slowly but surely growing by various models. However, the most compact ones not so much. A huge advantage of the FIIDO D11 is its overall weight and ability to fold into a really small one size that you playfully pack in a suitcase. Add to that a removable battery that allows you to bike leave it in the basement or garage and charge the battery comfortably inside and you will get a companion that you will not allow.

I really enjoyed my time with FIIDO D11. I know that a quality bike without a motor or batteries will never replace, but it certainly has a place in today's society.

You can buy FIIDO D11 at Geeekbuying using the GKB517S discount coupon for € 781.19. It is available in the European warehouse, where he came to us. Delivery is free and takes about 2-4 business days (we arrived in 3).

If you want to win one such bike, you can enter the official competition. Just click on this link and fulfill the necessary tasks (monitoring FIIDO on FB, Instagram, etc.). You can follow the manufacturer on Facebook, Instagram and on their official website.

Please note that the € 258 discount will not last forever. Such a low price will only be valid until October 15. It will then increase slightly to around € 950. You will be able to activate it with coupon GKB200D11.