FIIDO D2S: The electric bike you will absolutely fall in love with

We tried FIIDO D2S - a handy electric bike that will make every trip more pleasant.

Electric vehicles, whether scooters or bicycles, have become a popular way in Slovakia, how to make transport from point A to point B more pleasant. This is especially useful in the city in which they are located the greater the distance between the places you have to be. Scooters are an excellent choice, but for longer distances are no longer so suitable, not to mention comfort during use.

We got a very handy model of the FIIDO D2S electric bicycle in our hands and feet, which for a reasonable The price offers excellent features, quality construction and a more comfortable way to travel. A bike because it can serve anyone weighing up to 120 kg, develop a speed of 25 km / h and achieve overall purely electric range of 20 to 35 kilometers. Depending on the mode of use and the terrain, of course. If you help the bike with pedals, you can reach the territory of 40 to 50 kilometers. Very impressive.

FIIDO D2S: Design

Price: € 453.99 | Coupon: LAAU6Y9P | Availability: EU warehouse

FIIDO D2S is available in two colors. It is of course foldable and therefore very compact. It is suitable, for example, for "packing" in a car and then unpacking in the place where you plan to stay, no you do not want to walk, respectively. drive a car.

The chassis of the bike is made of durable aluminum, to which 16-inch tires are attached. On both wheels you will find the braking system, which is very important for the fastest and safest braking. It will be a great pleasure also the fact that there is an LED light at the front and back, which will also help you especially when traveling in the early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

FIIDO is an increasingly less well-known manufacturer in Slovakia, but after contact with FIIDO D3 and D2S I can with a clear conscience to say that I firmly believe in its extension to us as well. About the fact that the company is really trying to break into the West the market is evidenced by some security features. I will mention, for example, the battery, which is embedded in the frame of the bicycle. It is protected by several systems that constantly monitor for overheating, overcharging and so on. That's very much important for maintaining its life, which is also necessary because the battery is not replaceable.

FIIDO D2S: Equipment

Price: € 453.99 | Coupon: LAAU6Y9P | Availability: EU warehouse

FIIDO D2S offers a 250 W motor capable of developing a maximum speed of 25 km / h and can handle inclines of up to 25 degrees. So the maximum does not break the records, but during the test I did not feel that I would go very slow.

As mentioned above, the 7.8 Ah battery offers a range of up to 50 kilometers depending on usage, your weight and terrain. You can charge it from 0% to 100% in 5 hours, which was the same as reality.

Of course, the equipment also includes a saddle with adjustable height, handlebars, which you can also set as needed and which also surprised me with the 6-speed Shimano gear for uphill climbing. Hills are something that many cyclists do not like. I can say that with the possibility to facilitate the climb using a combination of Shimano gears and an electric motor, any hill was no problem for me. Not that I couldn't do it without it, but it certainly increased the comfort.

There is a simple control panel on the handlebars that shows you how much battery you have and allows you to change the connection mode of the electric motor. There are a total of 3 levels available, divided according to which the electric motor can develop a high speed in a given setting.

The acceleration of the bicycle itself is controlled by a rotating mechanism on the right side of the handlebars. The brakes are already classically attached to the handlebars themselves.

The bike is, of course, folding, which is perhaps the strongest aspect of this model. It can be folded into a more compact "package" than the rest of the manufacturer's models. This will be appreciated especially by owners of vehicles with smaller ones suitcase, resp. people who just don't want to carry too big a bike.

FIIDO D2S: Is it worth buying?

FIIDO D2S is the ideal solution for urban transfers, quick shopping or holiday use. I would really appreciate it if I had this bike somewhere on vacation, for example, and I could so comfortable to drive along the coast or explore the city without sweating like in Ordinary cycling is a habit.

Its durable construction, handy functions, sufficient power / range and especially affordable price make it a handy choice for anyone thinking of a similar "approximator". For us, FIIDO D2S is unequivocal TOP choice in the price category up to 500 €. If you want to save money, don't forget to use our coupon LAAU6Y9P, which will reduce its price by another € 14.

I will add that we ordered the bike from the EU warehouse, from where it arrived within a few days. You do not pay extra VAT or any other fees.